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Into the Woods

We’re excited to announce our latest show, “Into the Woods.” More information to come soon!

Fiona thanking the "Noble Steed" after being saved.

Opening Night

Shrek the Musical takes the stage for it's first public audience tonight!

Singing "Freak Flag" at Maple Grove Days Parade

Maple Grove Days Parade!

Thanks for cheering us on at the Maple Grove Days Parade! Get your tickets today!

Latest News

Duloc Character from Shrek the Musical

Sponsor Night

Thank you for helping us make “Shrek the Musical” such a Shrektacular experience!

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Lori Schwartz, Costume Designer for Shrek the Musical in Maple Grove, MN

Shrek’s Costumer, Lori Schwartz

Sewing since she was seven! Shrek’s Costumer, Lori Schwartz, talks about how she’s had her hand in theater all her life.

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Maurice Tillet

Let’s talk about the “real” Shrek

You think the real Shrek had green skin and alien ears? Think again!

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“Kids Show” Cancelled

The Shrek “Kid’s Show” previously scheduled for Tuesday, July 16th, has been cancelled.

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Kickstarter Success!

Thank you for helping us successfully fund our Kickstarter project.

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Meet our Tag-Teaming-Music-Directing Duo

With an orchestra more than four times the size of Home Base Theatre’s previous productions, we are thankful to have two musicians in charge of the show’s music.

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Lauren Looby

Lauren Looby, Choreographer

A talented and highly capable Maple Grove Senior High graduate with a knack for choreography and a love for theater…

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Dragan Puppet Concept by Chris Lutter

Dragon Puppet Concept

Summoning some of our fittest cast members, Home Base Theatre will employ five actors to operate our huge, puppet dragon.

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Kevin Brown

Meet Shrek’s Noble Steed: Kevin Brown to Portray Donkey in Summer Musical

I hope I can give everybody a good laugh.

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Miles and Gannon Farrens

Meet the Two Youngest Actors at Home Base Theatre

Hailing from Maple Grove, MN, the Farrens brothers will make their theatrical debut as ‘Little Shrek’ and ‘Lord Farquaad’s Dad’ in this summer’s production of Shrek the Musical.

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